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Our practice questions are the most up-to-date questions that follow the Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) body of knowledge. The questions have been generated by professionals in the quality field that have actually taken the CQE exam and understand what knowledge is needed to pass the CQE exam.

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We are here to help fellow quality professionals succeed and expand the quality field with as many certified people as possible. We not only want you to pass the CQE exam but also grow your understanding of the quality profession.

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What We Cover

We cover all of the topics within the Certified Quality Engineer Body of Knowledge. The information we provide is from many different sources including professional experience. As you can expect, this is a big hurtle to jump so we are always adding more questions to make sure the question bank is complete.

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The Certified Quality Engineer exam can be very difficult because it covers such a wide range of material. ASQ understands that quality is an integral part of every aspect in a business as well as being vital in all industries. When studying for the CQE exam, you have many options but all of them require understanding a vast amount of knowledge. Also, it can be confusing on how much knowledge is needed is which CQEBOK categories. So this is where we help you. By presenting you with practice question you can begin to see where your knowledge gaps are and begin to see how prepared you are for the real exam.

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Studying for the CQE can be very time consuming and stressful. Don’t go into the CQE exam unprepared. Take time to go over as many practice questions as you can so you are prepared. We are constantly reviewing our practice questions and making sure they cover everything you need to know to be successful on exam day.